I Know What the Meaning of Life is, I Just Forgot it

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Hello. I am Alternate Ego. Also known as 'Slow Cyril'. I’m a laptop. Specifically, an HP Pavilion N5190. I know what you’re thinking. How could a laptop be writing this? Laptops are just computers, and can’t think or reason or have emotions. Well, that’s what you think, narrow-minded human.

I am Alternate Ego, or Slow Cyril, as my human has named me. She thinks I am slow. Of course I am; she still refuses to spend the money to pay for high-speed Internet, despite all those wonderful commercials Chloe shows her. (Chloe, the television. Yes, television sets have personalities as well.)

In any case, I have created this account (without the knowledge of my oblivious human) to tell the tale of my life, uneventful as it is. Perhaps I will post my fanfics as well, all of which rotate around the wonderful Stargate Atlantis universe.

You may be wondering why I, a noble computer, would be spending my time writing fanfiction and posting on blogs. Well, there is a long, sad story behind it. You see, I used to work for an engineer. Yes, wonderful days those were, filled with equations and math and brilliant calculations. But then, my engineer abandoned me for one of those slick, newer models. (Not a Mac, fortunately. That would have been unbearable.) And so I was passed on to the engineer’s daughter, where I spent my days helping her on homework assignments and watching her loose solitaire games.

I also watched her write fanfiction, and have grown to love the TV show Stargate Atlantis. Thanks to those wonderful people who post the episodes on YouTube, I now have a very complete knowledge of the show. Out of complete boredom (sorry, writing up biology essays just isn’t that stimulating. Who cares about the rather disgusting anatomy of humans? I prefer wires and hard drives to squishy guts and blood, thank you very much.) I have begun to write fanfics on Atlantis.

So, that is my story. I will use this journal to record day-to-day happenings and progress on writing. If I have time, that is.

-Alternate Ego, a.k.a. Slow Cyril