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28 March 2008 @ 09:08 pm
*twitch* Would you like to know who wins the biggest screw-up of the week award? No, not lj. It goes to - drumroll, please - fanfiction.net!

Why, you ask? Because they did something stupid, and as a result, the formatting of thousands of fics has been completely screwed up. I heard of one person who has no paragraphs, and everything is all one big block of text. Fortunately, my case isn't that bad. I just have *no* scene breaks to speak of.

Which doesn't sound too bad, right? Until you realize that I have CRS - cronic revising syndrome - as in, if I'm re-reading one of my fics, I just *have* to tweak it a bit. And then agonize and be insecure over whether it's really any good or not.

But I thought, hey, well, it could be worse, I'll just go back and put in scene breaks. Which means I have to re-upload all of my fics. And then, you know, resist my CRS urges. I did it for Movies and Sparkiness - it took me just thirty minutes! But then I finish, look at my other fics, and go - "OMFG, I have to do cat!fic, which has seven chapters."

*looses will to live*

Current Mood: angryready to kill
comanche_rider: aw crapcomanche_rider on March 30th, 2008 04:48 am (UTC)
*snort* Yeah, the only thing I do over there mostly is read and beta. Haven't posted anything in like a year. Believe it or not, this happens pretty often. XD